About Us


We strive to provide the best prices for you.

Milligram was created as a web-based medication price transparency engine. Our software helps patients and providers find medication at the lowest price in any given zip code. Our translations support English, Spanish, Tagalog and Chinese. With our three data partners, Milligram searches prices of medications nationwide at 65,000+ pharmacies, offering the lowest prices on the internet.

The Milligram Mission

To cure price blindness.

Prescription medicines make up 13% of the total healthcare spending in the United States. At the same time, that health care spending is increasing, more patients are paying a higher proportion of their own healthcare costs through high-deductible plans and health savings accounts. For many patients, the cost of the medications they need in order to stay healthy puts a considerable financial burden on themselves and their families.

We strive to help individual patients save money on their prescriptions, enable healthcare providers to help their patients adhere to treatment plans through affordable medications and allow insurers and accountable care organizations to keep their costs down. Ultimately, we want to cure price blindness by creating transparency of medication pricing; thereby leading patients to healthier lives, reducing the amount of money spent on healthcare each year.

The Switch Engine

Improving patient compliance.

Because patients are actively involved with their treatment choices, their adherence rates tend to be higher. The Switch Engine allows healthcare professionals to find the best drug for the patient at the best price, allowing an appropriate treatment plan to be developed. Milligram helps advance the relationship between patient and provider by allowing the provider to effectively advocate for the patient by designing a treatment plan that considers financial implications, which pose barriers to compliance and adherence. In the new model, healthcare professionals must correctly diagnose, devise a treatment plan and proactively help patients outside the traditional care setting to create a truly affordable healthcare scenario.

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