One of the great ironies of the Affordable Care Act is that while it is true that more people in our society are insured, more and more people are underinsured. What does it mean to be underinsured? It means that increasingly health insurance does not adequately cover health care expenditures and people are being forced […]

Transparent is defined in the dictionary as something that can “easily be seen through.”  But first, you have to be able to see the object before being able to see through it.  The price of medications is the object we are trying to see. What Milligram is trying to accomplish is actually something more broad […]

Healthcare: there are simple problems and there are wicked problems. A simple problem might have one or two steps or obstacles to be able to accomplish a goal. For instance, if you wanted to read this blog, you would have to find your computer, turn your computer on and search the web in order to read […]