Download the app or use the website. Type in your prescription name and zip code, and hit search. Milligram will give you a full list of local pharmacies with discounted prices.


You can adjust your preferences and view a map to make sure that you're choosing the best location. Select the best option for you and you'll be given a voucher.


Print out a voucher and bring it to the pharmacy for your Milligram price or present the barcode on your smartphone to the pharmacist. Save money!

Try Our Free App

On the go? Download the Milligram app, now available for both Apple and Android users. Save vouchers for multiple meds and most importantly, find the best deal for wherever you may be.


Why Milligram?

-"This past winter I was diagnosed with Strep Throat and unfortunately, it happened while I was waiting for changes to my insurance policy. With the help of the Milligram app, I was able to pick up a 10-day supply of generic Augmentin antibiotics for $7.50 at my local pharmacy right after leaving the clinic, instead of paying the full price of almost $70! Milligram made is easy for me to buy my prescription at a fair price and right near my house!" - Caitlyn

-"I was given a prescription for Clobetasol Propionate, 60gm. I called a local pharmacy for a price and it was $413. I went to and got a much lower price at Walmart and a coupon. The final cost was $24.99 for a 15gm tube." - Patrick

Favorite Pharmacies

Search and save pharmacies of your choice that are nearest you. We offer discounts at more various pharmacies from big name companies to small, privately owned stores.

Switch Engine

The Switch Engine allows healthcare professionals to find the best drug for their patients at the best price, allowing an appropriate and affordable treatment plan to be developed.

Stay Organized

Keep your medicine organized with alerts, reminders and interaction warnings between multiple medicines. Sign up for MedCab for free today.

Save Money

In comparison to other major competitors, Milligram offers greater cost savings. Prescription prices are updated on a regular basis to assure that you are always getting the best deal!

Sign up for your own personal Medicine Cabinet (MedCab) today!


Milligram has formed a partnership with other innovative pharmaceutical companies. As a team, we commit to our goal of healthier patients whether it be through strategies for patient compliance or offering prescriptions at lower costs.

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